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Are You A Busy Woman or Mom Who Wants to...Get back on track, TONE UP your body, BURN fat, and just FEEL good?

Then Toned In 20 is for YOU!

* 20 Minute-or-Less FULL Length Follow-Along Workout Videos

* Nutrition & Mindset Coaching from Laura's LIVE Videos

* Incredible Community Group Support to Keep You On Track

* Nutrition Membership Site Full of Quick Healthy Recipes & MORE

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Cool Features Inside the Toned In 20 App!

Toned In 20 is an App or website you'll log into to access your workouts, do check-ins with me, private messaging, track your progress, and MUCH more! Check it out below!

"What Equipment Do I Need to Join Toned In 20?"

All You Need Is:

  • Stability Ball
  • Pair of Dumbbells
  • Exercise Mat (optional)

Toned In 20 Online Workout & Nutrition Program Includes:

20-Minutes-or-Less, 4 Days a Week Workout Program

  • Specifically Designed For Busy Women - Burn fat with these effective 20 minute or less workouts. Done right from the convenience of your home, 4 days a week, on YOUR time.
  • Follow-Along FULL Workout Videos - These ARE NOT just demonstrations, I do the entire workout with you! I will motivate and push you till the very end!
  • Never Feel Lost or Behind - Along with the full workout video, you'll have exercise demonstration & modification videos to know exactly how to do each exercise properly and modify if needed.
  • Never Get Bored - So much variety to keep your body challenged! Workouts involve strength training, circuits, HIIT, cardio moves all targeting legs, booty, abs, upper body.
  • Targeted Workouts - Workouts are designed to target different areas so you're not so sore that you can't workout the next day. Basically you won't be doing a ton of squats every workout or training abs daily which is wasting your time!
  • Little Space & Little Equipment Needed - All you need is a pair of weights, a stability ball and an exercise mat (optional) and a small open space to get started.
  • Workout From Anywhere From Any Device - Access your workouts by logging into the private Toned In 20 app and/or website, from your phone, tablet or computer. No internet? No problem! Workouts are printable to take on-the-go!
  • Amazing Workout Calendar - That lays out your 4 workouts a week yet gives you the flexibility to move workouts to a different day base on your busy lifestyle.
  • Great For Various Fitness Levels - You don't need to be an expert or have tons of years of experience in the gym. Plenty of modifications and you can adapt the workout to make it your own.
  • Safe Progressive Workouts -The program will progressively ease you into more advanced workouts as weeks go on. I’m all about safety and doing things the right way…not starting you off with crazy intense workouts that aren't even necessary and could potentially hurt you.
  • Personal Accountability - Use the app or website to "Check-In" with Laura, your trainer, to notify her once you complete each workout. Highly effective to keep you ON track!

A Look Inside the Toned In 20 App!

Private Nutrition Site & Recipe Library!

Instant Access to the Entire Members Area:

Inside the Nutrition Members Area, there are Modules on various Nutrition categories such as Intermittent Fasting, Supplements, Protein Powders, Sugar Cravings, Meal Prep and Meal Planning, Meal & Snack Ideas, Gut Health, Mindset, and more! 

You'll also have access to the INCREDIBLE Healthy Recipe Library that women rave about! 10 NEW Recipes added each month! Full of delicious recipes that don't have long ingredients lists or take a ton of time to make. Us busy ladies don't have time for that!

Categories for Breakfast, Lunch/Dinner, Dessert, Smoothies, Side Dishes and more. As well as category options for Gluten free, Dairy free, Crock pot/Instant Pot, recipes using chicken, beef or various protein sources. And my favorite category....5 Ingredients or Less! Yes, Please!

LIVE Nutrition & Mindset Coaching with Laura

With Laura's Live Videos inside the Facebook group, you'll experience as close to having 1-on-1 Coaching from her as possible. This ALONE is valued MORE than the cost of the ENTIRE Program!

She is a Certified Nutrition Coach through Precision Nutrition -- the World's most respected nutrition education program.

Laura does LIVE video sessions inside "Laura's Inner Circle Coaching" Facebook Group exclusively for current Toned In 20 Members, like yourself! Providing Nutrition Coaching, Live Q&A, or Mindset Coaching. This is a great way to connect with her live!

Truly, a highly-valuable opportunity for you to get your questions answered and the help you need!

Community Support in the Toned In 20 Facebook Group

Be a part of the INCREDIBLE Toned In 20 Facebook Community!! It's hands down SUCH a positive, supportive, and encouraging place to be.

This is an active community of all the women in Toned In 20 with you! You will have the ongoing support you need to stay motivated each and every day.

It's a safe place to post nutrition questions for me, share healthy meal ideas & recipes, workout check-ins, motivational quotes, current struggles you face, and much more!

I'm personally in there posting nutrition, fitness, mindset & motivation content. Along with answering your questions and interacting with everyone.

You Get Access to All of This...

  • 20 Minute Follow Along Home Workout Videos
  • Personal Workout Calendar to "Check-In" with Laura
  • Demo Videos for Each Exercise with Modifications
  • Access the TI20 App from Your Phone, Tablet, Computer or smart TV
  • Nutrition Content & Quick Healthy Recipes
  • Private Accountability TI20 Community Facebook Group
  • 24/7 Message & Email Support from Laura
  • LIVE Nutrition and Mindset Coaching Video Sessions with Laura
  • BONUS! Access to the Complete Private Nutrition Members Area
  • BONUS! Access to the Healthy Recipes Library

Message & images from Kayla after just 5 weeks! And again at just 5 months!

Message & images from Heather after just 5 weeks!

It's Time to Do This for YOU!
Feel Good Again. Gain Confidence. Look Great!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Toned In 20 complicated to follow?

Absolutely not! Toned In 20 is simple and straight-forward. I'll teach you to make lasting lifestyle changes along the way. No restrictive diet or meal plan. No crazy intense and super long workouts. No pressure to do things "perfectly".

Q: Will you give ideas on what to eat or help with our nutrition?

Yes, absolutely! As a Bonus, you have access to the Nutrition Members Area and Recipe Library full of great content to help you start making healthy nutrition changes.

Plus I post & share various things inside the Toned In 20 Community Facebook Group. As well as do LIVE videos sharing nutrition content to help you further! 

Q: I’m really out of shape - Will the workouts be too hard?

These workouts are structured for ALL fitness levels. Every good trainer provides modifications for all exercises. It's irresponsible to throw you into extreme workouts right away. That's a recipe for injury, feeling so sore you can't workout the next day, or worse yet - you feel like a failure because you couldn't complete it. That's not my style!

That's why I spent a long time designing these follow along workouts so they are a perfect balance between being easy enough for beginners - and challenging enough for the more advanced to get results. All the workouts are 20 minutes or less and you can go at your own pace.

Q: Do I have to buy supplements?

No. This is not a sales pitch for supplements disguised as a workout program. I do recommend various good quality protein powders or other nutritional supplements along the way because I'm asked these questions A LOT. But it's not pushed on you or required to take in order to get great results!

Q: My goal is to tone-up/get stronger/lose baby weight, etc. Will this program work for me?

Definitely! Toned In 20 teaches the basic underlying principles required for a healthy, strong body. This will allow you to reach your goals, whatever they may be.

Q: I don't need to lose a bunch of weight, I just need to tone up. Is your plan right for me?

Yes, Toned In 20 is good for anyone looking to tone up, get fit, or just live a balanced healthy lifestyle.

Q: If I miss a few workouts or even a couple weeks, will I be able to get right back on track without being behind?

Oh my, YES! Girl, STOP the "perfection" mentality, OK? No one is perfect, not even me. If you miss a few workouts along the way, it's OK!! You're not behind at all and it's easy to jump right back on track! Remember - we aren't after perfection, but progress! You got this!

Q: This program sounds “techy”. Do I need to be a computer whiz to participate?

No way! The Toned In 20 app is simple and easy to use, even for the newbie. If you have any questions, simply private message me on Facebook, inside the app, or email me and I'll help you!

Q: Will the app work on devices besides my smart phone & tablet?

Yes! You can access the app from your phone, tablet, computer or screencast it onto your smart TV!

Q: I don't have Facebook. Is that going to be a problem?

Not a problem at all. You won't be a part of the Toned In 20 Community Facebook Group where I'll be answering questions, posting content, and be surrounded by other women for extra motivation and support.

However, you'll still have full access to the Toned In 20 App and the Nutrition Members Area/Recipe Library. And if you have questions, just private message me inside the app or email me.

Q: Can I get my money back if I don't like it or change my mind? Of course!

Of course! I've provided everything I can to support you making this change. All you have to do is show up, try the workouts, go through some of the nutrition content, join the community, and give it an honest try.

If you have ANY doubts if this is right for you just send an email to and I'll refund every penny. You have a 30-day money back guarantee.

"OK, I'm IN! I'm ready to lose weight, tone up, and join Toned In 20!"

Your Program will start on Monday.

Have a Question? Not Sure if Toned In 20 is Right for You?
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